Beginner RC Planes - Anti Crash Technology (ACT) - Pros and Cons

A useful article, especially for beginners who can easily destroy their first RC model aircraft.

Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) is a feature found in the HobbyZone line of beginner rc airplanes. HobbyZone claims that this technology makes teaching yourself to fly rc airplanes easier and safer.

Before we go into the pros and cons of this technology let's take a look at how it works. Each plane has two sensors, one on the top of the plane and one on the bottom of the fuselage. These sensors monitor the position of the plane. The sensor on top of the plane looks at thy sky and the one on the bottom looks at the ground.

They communicate with a computer that is on the plane and let it know if it is flying correctly. For example: if the plane enters into a dive and the sensors detect that the plane's orientation is incorrect, the computer system will automatically correct the control inputs and help prevent the plane from crashing. This gives you more time to regain control of the plane.

O.k. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of Anti-Crash Technology.


As you saw in the example above if your plane goes out of control the computer system will help to correct the planes orientation and help you regain control of the plane. This can help you, as a beginner rc plane pilot, get out of some sticky situations. Also, when you do get more practice controlling the plane you can turn the ACT off and rely on your own piloting skills.

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