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Book Review - Scale Aircraft Drawings: World War I

Few words about a great book, every model aircraft enthusiast should have (read). I have it and, no matter what others say, I really like it.


This 150 page book covers 35 World War I airplanes through the use of over 40 highly detailed "master" drawings. They are all drawn at a consistent scale of one quarter inch to one foot. As best as I could tell, all of the classic designs are included.

The book was published by Air Age, the same company that publishes Model Airplane News magazine. Although not stated explicitly, my assumption is that these drawings were all originally published in the magazine.

The Good

Wow. These drawings are a dream come true. They are incredibly detailed. Frankly, most of them are plain gorgeous. The drawings were all made with modelers in mind. They contain excellent details about each airplane's internal structure as well as showing full details about external markings. Outlines of the airfoils used are always included. Many of the drawings…

How to Buy a Scale Model Aircraft

A very good tutorial on buying your first model aicraft kit; good tips for saving some money.
The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Scale Model Aircraft Kit
When it comes to buying plastic model airplane kits you can never have too much information. Even experienced modellers can pick up tidbits of information that will prove useful. So, whether you are a first-time buyer or have experience in buying, you should find the following tips useful.

One of the general principles to use in buying a model aircraft is that there is a strong connection between the amount of technical information the manufacturer provides and the detail level of the scale model.

That rule is: the more detail there is, the more accurate the details of the scale model.

Choosing a Vendor

As a first time buyer, you want to be sure to go to a store that is both knowledgeable and provides high-quality materials so you can get the maximum benefit from your experience.

The best way to do this is to employ another general p…

Beginners Guide to RC Model Planes - Learn to Fly RC Model Planes

Another great article about RC model aircraft; very useful for beginners.

Flying remote controlled (RC) model planes has been a popular hobby with children and big children, otherwise referred to as adults, for many years. I remember having a model plane when I was a child, it wasn't remote controlled, it was the type where you had some type of control mechanism, think a piece of string, attached directly to the plane and you held onto one end. RC model planes are WAY more fun because it is more like actually piloting a real airplane - including crashes if you aren't careful.

Today's planes are much easier to set up, can fly at slower speeds, and you can find smaller size models that don't require as much airspace for you to successfully fly your airplane. Once you get the hang of flying the smaller planes, following my five tips, you'll find that you can fly your plane without having to travel several miles just to find an open ball field that is clear of trees and …

Cool diorama

A very nice diorama with an extremely detailed model aircraft.

Beginner RC Planes - Anti Crash Technology (ACT) - Pros and Cons

A useful article, especially for beginners who can easily destroy their first RC model aircraft.

Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) is a feature found in the HobbyZone line of beginner rc airplanes. HobbyZone claims that this technology makes teaching yourself to fly rc airplanes easier and safer.

Before we go into the pros and cons of this technology let's take a look at how it works. Each plane has two sensors, one on the top of the plane and one on the bottom of the fuselage. These sensors monitor the position of the plane. The sensor on top of the plane looks at thy sky and the one on the bottom looks at the ground.

They communicate with a computer that is on the plane and let it know if it is flying correctly. For example: if the plane enters into a dive and the sensors detect that the plane's orientation is incorrect, the computer system will automatically correct the control inputs and help prevent the plane from crashing. This gives you more time to regain control of the plane.


The Art of Building Plastic Model Airplanes - Part 1 of 3

Great tutorial. When the weather doesn't allow you to fly your RC scale model aircraft, what a better thing to do at home than building a nice plastic model aircraft.


Simply awesome. Wish I were there to see flying those amazing model aircraft.